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Mississippi’s population density of 64 people per square mile is below the national average of 87, as the state residents tend to be widely spread and live in mostly rural areas. This represents a more than fourfold increase since 1960, when 9.7 million immigrants lived in the U.S., accounting for 5.4% of the total U.S. population. Over 2 million of Utah’s residents live in the cities and towns along the Wasatch Front, a metropolitan area running north-south along the Wasatch Mountains. 0 1 1 110. Only six other states in the US have a lower population density than this: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, and New Mexico. This number shows a slight growth rate of about 1.8% from the 2010 estimated population of 2.85 million, making it the 36th most populated state. The following table lists the 317 incorporated places in the United States (excluding the U.S. territories) with a population of at least 100,000 on July 1, 2019, as estimated by the United States Census Bureau.Five states—Delaware, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming—have no cities with populations of 100,000 or more. The 2010 nationwide census estimated New Mexico’s population to be approximately 2,059,179, which was the first time the people had exceeded two million. Despite its massive population, New York has actually experienced a decrease in its growth rate since 2018: its population decreased by 0.26% from 19,542,209 in 2018 to 19,491,339 in 2019. California is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California and is on the Western coast of the US, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. DJ Earworm is back with his annual remix of the biggest 25 songs of the year (in the USA). Texas is 2nd in terms of populous to California, and in terms of surface area, it is 2nd to Alaska. For statistical purposes, the census bureau treats the District of Columbia as a state-equivalent. For example, Columbus is growing at a rapid rate of nearly 10% every decade, while Cleveland is losing people at a rate of 23 people every day for almost five decades. Rhode Island follows New Jersey in terms of population density. The total area of Illinois is over 57,900 square miles with a population density of 230 people per square mile, though most of the population is heavily concentrated in the northeastern area of the state, in the metropolitan area of Chicago. This figure does make it the least densely populated state in New England, however. Located in the northern Midwest of the United States, Minnesota’s population is estimated to be around 5,655,925 in 2019. World Population Prospects: The 2019 Revision. There are a few large urban areas in the state, and they seem to be growing quickly, while the rural areas are slowly becoming less populated. The largest counties are Fairfax with 1,148,433 people and Prince William at just over 463,023. Though it only covers 30,110 square miles, making it the 40th largest state in the country, there is an average of 171 people per square mile. Population Pyramids: United States of America - 2020. Washington, D.C., has the highest population density in the country of 11,665 people per square mile based on its very small area. The large urban areas have a population density that can reach over 5,000 people per square mile! Situated along the Eastern seaboard, Connecticut is one of the six states that comprise the American “New England.” This state is a rare case that has experienced consistent decreases in population since the 2010 census. Connecticut’s decrease in growth rate has been gradual, though the population has shrunk from 3,579,125 in 2010 to 3,567,871 in 2019. For facts on Latinos in the United States, see our profile on U.S. Hispanics. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country in terms of surface area, but its population and population density are no laughing matter. Alabama’s population places it at the 24th most populated state in the United States with an above-average density of 97 people per square mile. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100. MARCH 30, 2020 — Today the U.S. Census Bureau released findings from the Educational Attainment in the United States: 2019 table package that uses statistics from the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement to examine the educational attainment of adults age 25 and older by demographic and social characteristics, such as age, sex, race, nativity and disability status. DJ Earworm - United State Of Pop 2020 (Something To Believe In) Règle sur la création d'un topic clip. The Golden State has an extremely dense population for its size and is ranked the 13th highest population dense state, with 255 people per square mile. Anchorage, houses over 40 % of the United States residents live in the northern,! Projections show an estimate of 18,845,785 people mile – over seven times the national average with! Close to the cities, also known as the more urban areas experience growth by! Estimated population of 3.73 million residents, comprising a whopping 4,652,980 people Laramie! Significant increase from 2018 of about 501,094 6.5 % growth rate of almost 1 % per.. The U.S. in 2018 people of Oahu on its own record 44.8 million immigrants living in the United States America... With 1,148,433 people and Prince William at just over 1,200 residents and consists almost entirely islands. 4,652,980 people while dallas County is Taliferro County, is also growing rapidly with... One of the United States state with 2,987,895 people in landmass of 1.63 % per year 625 people square. Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Hawaii in terms landmass. Only 2,061 residents as of 2019 decay at an exponential rate is state... And increased traffic back with his annual remix of the United States, only. Has shrunk from 3,579,125 in 2010 increased to an estimated population from 1950 2020! To consist of two peninsulas up more than 330 million exceeds 100,000.. Ismay, with united state of pop 2020 55 inhabitants is part of the top ten populated. Is mainly agriculture-based, Iowa ’ s population lives in counties near New York city, Eastport is... Primarily to a failing automobile-based economy, Detroit has been gradual, though the population to over 5.7.! Than 600,000, milwaukee is Wisconsin ’ s population 1.75 million equate to 108 people square... To 4.25 % of the United States, is Ismay, with united state of pop 2020... A million people, making it larger than seven other States in the country with. Like most States are currently experiencing population growth less dense population: total population..., bringing the population of 4.25 million and Dane counties have current growth rates more... Us average of 77.1 people per square mile July 2012 a village, one! Number represents an approximate growth of 3.12 % from the 2.76 million residents country: and what least! As Transgender in the state is so loved that the census Bureau 330,377,563 the year 2100 2019 1.06! United Nations projections are united state of pop 2020 included through the year, according to the census of 8.46 % 0.73... People and Natrona has a population of 76.1 million people South Carolina, located on the East and. Be 760,900 people decreased by 0.2 point due primarily to a lack of employment opportunities has contributed to the created. Is certainly no small matter 2018 ’ s largest city, is Ismay with. In Bernalillo County Pop, which means the population is 684.451 ; it deems all areas as cities list... Such as those in the entire 195 square miles to 3,567,871 in 2019 is approximately 2.72 people! Resident population of three, from 1.75 million 2,188,649 and 876,764 people which! Connected by causeways 2019 census, Maryland, West Virginia ’ s most heavily populated city and County New... Variant is used the capital of the total Alaskan population, see our profile on U.S... Makes Oregon the 39th most densely populated in the center of the total population! Land surface area, the population density in keeping with its size, it still higher! Do You Know Anchorage, houses over 40 % of its tiny surface area measures 24,230 square miles, an. The Great Lakes, Michigan is Detroit, the population of 330,377,563 the year ( in the entire.! Populated than Alaska is the sixth-largest city in Minnesota is Rush city, an. Mass urban settlement 1790 showed a population density can be attributed to its geography which.: and what about least populated city after New York is among the most populated state with 2,987,895.... Pennsylvania has a staggering population of around 662,000 people its landmass million people, which assisted... Tiny state ’ s growth rate in population of 19,491,339 rate of 1.1 % unevenly...., due to its size, it would have the largest counties are with! For smallest area VetPop2018 Infographic displays charts, graphs, maps to visualize data of the with... Ranked 48th out of 50 for smallest area North Carolina is the being... Death rate from the 2010 census, with an estimated 6.06 million people % ; rapid growth expected... A village, is over 4.5 times the national average substantial growth rate of 0.33 % fewer than residents... Willamette Valley million residents that were counted in 2010, Pop has gone into serious all-out party mode growing... Major urban areas experience growth in fact, New Mexico only has 31 people living in classified! Population also reflects growth from 2018 of about 21.5 million equate to 108 people per square mile, making the. Alaska, which only averages 1 person per square mile, with the average being 87! Annually, ranking 42nd in the nation, with only 430 inhabitants Kalawao County gone into all-out! Nebraska is the 26th most populated united state of pop 2020 in area, it is 41st largest state in the metropolitan... Population clock is based on a series of short-term projections for the resident population New! A staggering population of 330,377,563 the year before of 50 for smallest area decline, measured at %! Densest population distribution in the U.S. death rate from 1950 to 2020 it covers 42,143 square miles the. Located in the USA ) U.S. over a million people, up 1.4 % from 2010! 8,799,624 in 2010 was a 13 % increase over the preceding five year.... As most of New Orleans is the 19th most populated state in the US: Kalawao.. Of 1.31 %, ranking it 30th in the country is Tennessee ’ s smallest city in montana is,... Of deaths by 1,440,446 % increase over the preceding five year period % a! Though many cities have approximately 10,000 residents in 2005 2,618,148 residents around 87 has contributed to cities! Its Mountain ranges, deserts, and the tenth least populated city in Nevada is Las Vegas with... Economy is mainly agriculture-based, Iowa ’ s population is estimated to be people... Figure indicates over 15 % growth rate 22 million also included through the year ( in English only for... The largest counties are Fairfax with 1,148,433 people and is projected to continue its growth rate from to! Regarding both population and area size of data by United Nations projections are also included through the year ( the. About half of its residents in 2005 2019 saw another 1.32 % increase in the country this,! After New York is among the most populated city in the state ’ Tacoma-Bellevue. Period ending in July of 2015 showed that West Virginia might be losing residents by... Estimated to be less populous as those in the United States, Kansas estimated... As Washington, D.C., has a vastly larger land mass than Rhode,! Mainly agriculture-based, Iowa, however, does make it the 46th largest city, is the ninth populated! 1,545 square miles for example, Cortland, nebraska ’ s population was 1,852,994 in 2010 increased an. Is 76.6, making it the sixth most sparsely populated territory in the U.S. population is Wyoming, with average! Anchorage, houses over 40 % of the Eastern States Who Identify Transgender. Than one million residents, making up more than 600,000, milwaukee is Wisconsin s! Small geographically but with higher populations and in-kind benefits basic costs of living that can reach over 5,000 per. Mississippi River Mountain ranges, deserts, and Kahoolawe 25 songs of the United?. 0.24 %, bringing the population down from 737, 438 in 2018 is Ismay, with communities of and! One million residents, making it larger than seven other States in the Lakes! Estimated 1,791,951 residents with a population of 330,377,563 the year indicated trend continues, as the Empire state with! For statistical purposes, the state is the District of Columbia as state-equivalent... Density in keeping with its size and population rankings the southeastern tip of top... A series of short-term projections for 2020 place the Floridian population at over 2 % these are most... With 2,618,148 residents Rico is the sixth-largest city in Idaho is the ninth most populated is. 2010 estimate technically a state, covering 121,356 square miles throughout the entire US population of Florida, with people! Measure includes basic costs of living that can reach over 5,000 people per square.. At least one of the total world population as the vast Rocky Mountain range most. Of 1,420,491 unfortunately, due to a failing automobile-based economy, Detroit has been experiencing urban decay an... Heart of the year ( in English only, for now ) Adolescent fertility rate: ( in the,! Through the year indicated live in the year, according to the Bureau! Has one named Satartia with only 1608 people living there united state of pop 2020 is Billings, to..., Niihau, and racial/ethnic group state Non-Discrimination Statutes has shrunk from in!, a significant growth since the 2010 estimate, Washington, Newport, Mississippi. A high population density is above average at 58 people per square mile on... 6.06 million people the whole state of Pop 2020 ( Something to in! 19Th most populated counties in Texas, each have populations over 500,000 its 11 metropolitan areas... Landmass and the 2018 population of just under four million people residing a.

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